Stop dreaming – and start flying!

Imagine yourself in the left seat of an airplane as the pilot!  Try it – it’s fun!

Here is a great way to get started. PPGS 101 can introduce you to the fascinating world of general aviation.   Through our aviation ground school classes, you will begin a life-changing journey that will introduce you to the wonder and beauty of flight. You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge of aviation and to understand what goes on, not only in an airplane cockpit, but also behind the scenes and throughout the National Airspace System to ensure that your flying experience, whether as pilot or passenger, is safe, efficient, and reliable.

Private Pilot Ground School (PPGS)

Learn the fundamentals of aviation theory and practical applications and develop aviation-related problem solving, analytical, and decision-making abilities. [NOTE: Also a great "refresher" if it has been a while since you have been in the books.]

Aviation 101

Designed specifically for those not necessarily interested in learning how to fly but interested and curious about how aviation works.

Instrument Pilot Ground School (IPGS)

More skills, more experience, more flexibility, and more flying capability. [NOTE: Also a great "refresher" if it has been a while since you have been in the books.]

Please see NEWS & PICTURES for upcoming courses.

Visits & Tours

PPGS101 offers the opportunity to visit and tour various aviation-related facilities located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. These visits are designed to enhance aviation knowledge of the National Airspace System (NAS); the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); aviation operations and support facilities; and aviation infrastructure, communications, and navigation facilities.

Each visit provides unique insights into the people, equipment, and operation of the US aviation industry.

NOTE: Select locations may require a pre-visit list of proposed participants, may require participant security screening, and may have minimum age requirements.

Examples of places we visit on a periodic basis include:

  • Airport Control Towers
  • Flight Service Station
  • Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON)
  • Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)
  • Aviation Support Facilities (e.g., Fixed Based Operators (FBO))
  • Aircraft and Aircraft Components Maintenance Facilities
  • Aviation Museums
  • Commercial Operations Facilities (e.g., American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Bell Helicopter)

Please see NEWS & PICTURES for upcoming events.

Other Activities

Other aviation-related activities being planned include:
  • “Night at the (Aviation) Movies”
  • Saturday morning airport fly-in/drive-in breakfasts
  • Visits to local area aviation museums
AOPA Aviation Events Calendar (click)

EAA Aviation Events Calendar (click)

Please see NEWS & PICTURES for upcoming PPGS101 events.

We welcome your suggestions for other activities via the "Get In Touch" page.